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Cutting Edge
Pro PowerFlow


Cutting Edge® Pro PowerFlow™ + Water Softener offers a comprehensive NATURAL solution for households with hard water.


Cutting Edge® Pro PowerFlow™ + is a repeatedly refined, natural solar salt crystal, which is designed to reduce the scale buildup that hard water can cause in pipes and appliances, thereby enhancing their efficiency and extending longevity. By using Cutting Edge® Pro PowerFlow™ +, cleaning dishes can be easier and hair and skin can feel softer by removing excess minerals in the water.  The purified salt crystals are specifically designed to perform with most water-softening systems.


For sustained protection, it is recommended to add 2 or more bags of Cutting Edge® Pro PowerFlow™ + to your tank bi-monthly, depending on your household size.

Available in pallets of 40lb bags, 56 bags per pallet.



  • Reduces Hard Water and Scale Buildup While Reducing Impurities Due to the Repeatedly Refined, Natural Solar Salt Crystals

  • Designed to Work Seamlessly with Most Water Softener Systems

  • Designed to Aid in Preventing Hard Water Spots on Dishes, Faucets, and Tiles

  • Engineered to Extend the Life of Pipes and Household Appliances

  • Designed to Help Prolong the Effectiveness of your Water Softener System

  • Enhances the Texture of Hair and Skin and Improves Laundry Cleanliness

  • Supports Longevity of Most Water Softener Systems

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